Pen-tester by Profession & Photographer by Passion.

A Security Engineer for the company and a programmer for self. Love to writes scripts: sometimes for fun; sometimes for profit.

Has Profound knowledge in Web | Mobile | Network Security penetration testing’s and has conducted numerous Network & Application testing’s for clients across all verticals; Including reviewing source code for Big Data companies.

As a bug bounty hunter, have assisted various organizations in finding and fixing critical security loopholes; for which, have been acknowledged and rewarded by Google, Facebook, eBay, Paypal, Barracuda and CMSs like eFront etc..

Developed and presented Mobile automation framework – MAFIA in BlackHat USA, EU 2018 Arsenal under Mobile Security category. Presented Kurukshetra – Framework for teaching security to developers, in BlackHat EU-2018, ASIA-2019, OFFZone-2018 – Russia. Also, have developed the CTF framework Braindead and conducted security CTFs using it at Nullcon-GOA 2018, 2019.

Would really love to report bugs to companies in one hand, but writing exploits for them when the companies don’t take them seriously in another hand.

Having multiple CVEs on my name and waiting infinitely for them to be updated.

Local File Inclusion: CVE: 2015-4462

Bypass for Blocked extension file uploads: CVE: 2015-4463

Directory Traversal Attack: CVE: 2015-4461

Would love to ride my bike alone for long hours/days. A photography lover with more than 10K clicks in my own collection.

Loyal husband to a beautiful wife and loving father to a wonderful daughter.

You can follow me on twitter @mohankallepalli and find my resume at Mohan Resume